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Xtrain sports

Xtrain Sports is a leading sports promoter specializing in:

  • Outdoor sports - Cricket, Football, Hockey, Golf (range coming soon!) 

  • Extreme sports - Battle course crossing, cross train, combat art

  • Extreme adventure - Mountaineering, hiking, rafting, expeditions 

The company is managed by ex.military veterans who specialize in sports and adventure alike. Our brand vision is - Push your limits! 

Life keeps all of us busy with our day jobs, but then there is passion and adventure that we must not miss out on, and that is where our vision comes of giving you the opportunity of pushing and going beyond your limits! 


meet the team



Neel aka Chow is a the man in-charge of City Hawks the holding company of XTRAIN SPORTS. He started the idea of the outdoors & initiated XTrain Sports, a company dedicated to providing the best sporting infrastructure in Delhi NCR. 

Extreme adventure enthusiast and an ex military veteran, Rahul aka Ronnie loves the outdoors. He is a partner in XTrain and looks into all aspects of marketing the brand so that maximum people benefit from the fitness and adventure curriculum XTS has to offer. 

rahul rai

Sumeet Chhibber 

A fitness enthusiast and motivator, Sumeet is a true infantry soldier. He is responsible and is part of all major operations at XTrain Sports. He is the pillar supporting fitness and wellness. 


Zaidi is one of the founding members with City Hawks the holding company for XTrain Sports. Zaidi is an operations expert and is responsible for overall operations of the company. 

Nishant Gupta

Nishant is the operations coordinator for the City Hawks Group. He is a meticulous planner and logistics expert. Nishan served in the military for over 5 years, before joining the City Halks Group. 


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