Outdoor sports - Cricket, Football, Golf (range coming soon!)

We encourage competitive spirit and welcome corporates and institutions to organize tournaments. XTrain gives the best facilities so that your experience is enhanced.  

Your company can become a member of XTrain Sports to avail special discounts. 

You can pre-book your events online or contact us at getgoing@xtrainsports.com


Extreme Sports 

Extreme is in our DNA and we offer this service through the many programs we run to keep you fit, active and build courage, as these attributes make you an excellent sports person and individual. 

  • Experience the XTrain Battle Course. Its especially designed for instant adrenal rush. 

  • Rock climbing - We have special sites for this and plan frequent adventure trips for you to experience the real wall. These events are 2 to 3 day events that include all logistics and camping gear. You just have to carry your will. 

  • Cycle Expeditions - You/ your group can apply for these long and arduous but very satisfying cycle expeditions that are well crafted for location, site and facilities.  


Extreme Adventure 

Extreme Adventure is all to do with packing your bags and exploring the wilderness. Experience:

Mountain Expeditions - we plan mountain expeditions every quarter. These events are for a group of 20 to 40 enthusiasts. off course we need high physical fitness to endure this. You will get more details in the services section. 

Other extreme adventure includes:

·         White water rafting 

·         Hang gliding

·         Camping adventure tour 

·         Hot air ballooning 

·         Sky diving